We Offer Individual Three Circle Recovery Plans Designed for You

Three circle recovery plans in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Encompasses all aspects of the problems you have been facing

Three circle recovery plans are used by many 12 step organisations, particularly those dealing with behavioural or process addictions.

Their inherent value to us in an inpatient treatment programme is because they allow us to work more accurately with all addictions and also help us to build a comprehensive recovery plan from a CBT perspective much more quickly than working an entire set of 12 steps, which can often take 6-12 months. Within Clarity’s intensive inpatient treatment setting we will help you build a Three Circle Plan (TCP) that encompasses all aspects of the problems you have been facing.


Our mission: To provide you with long lasting recovery

At Clarity, we are passionate to help you achieve long term recovery. Most of our team are in recovery themselves, our drive is inspired by our own lived experience. 


Why choose Clarity

Clarity offers an incredible healing experience for our clients and their families that is second to none. Our team is comprised of individuals with years of experience who are all here for one reason. To help you realise, achieve, and maintain permanent long term recovery.