Ethical Care

Committed to responsible and ethical care

Ethical Client Treatment

We specialise in delivering the best possible care and are committed to looking after and protecting you.

At Clarity we specialise in delivering the best care in the most responsible way possible. We are fully committed to looking after your needs and protecting you. This also means knowing the limitations of what we can deliver and making a strong commitment to you in terms of what we provide. As a responsible behavioural health provider clinical ethics are the cornerstone of our centre.

Your wellbeing is our priority and we will never make any promises about your care that we cannot meet. We will only ever offer treatments programmes what we are qualified to carry out.

Highest standards

Recovery cannot happen without trust. You can build trust in us as we make the strongest commitment to only provide you with the highest level of care and treatment. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond to give you the highest possible recovery experience. 

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Qualified therapists

Our registered therapists will only ever deliver treatments that they are qualified in at our national accrediting board. If we ever feel that we are unable to treat your needs through our programmes or there are other options that would meet your needs better, will we always tell you. 

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