Share Experiences and Emotions with Group Therapy

Interpersonal group therapy in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Learn about yourself and your relationships

Interpersonal group therapy is a powerful way to learn about yourself and your relationships with others. More than a support group, it consists of small groups meeting daily with our team to work through and explore together your thoughts and more importantly, your feelings.
Interpersonal group therapy is one of the most potent and powerful treatments that is used to overcome addiction. Where an addiction often makes you feel isolated and in despair, group therapy allows you to reconnect with a community and reach your true potential as an individual.

How does an interpersonal therapy group work?

Interpersonal therapy groups are unstructured groups in that there is no formal agenda for each group meeting. The leader does not begin the session with a question and group discussions are not topical in nature.
Instead members are asked at the beginning of each meeting to mindfully pay attention to their thoughts, feelings, and reactions as they occur moment to moment as the group takes place and to report on what they notice. While this seems very simple, people often have a difficult time with this task. Most of us are so accustomed to acting on our thoughts and feelings that we seldom slow down to notice what is going on “behind the scenes” in our minds. Nevertheless, what goes on in the back of our minds has an impact on how we interact in our everyday lives.

What does paying attention to our thoughts, feelings, and reactions do?

Importantly, we develop the ability to experience and understand what is going on in our minds and bodies without immediately acting upon what we experience. Through our experience in the group we also come to understand that it is not only okay, but healthy, to experience the range of our emotions without having to respond automatically to what we feel. We become more able to notice our emotions without acting upon them. Over time we become free to choose how we respond in various situations, and this freedom helps us to create the outcomes we desire in relationships. We react (an unconscious process) less and respond (a conscious process) more.

Why choose Clarity

Clarity offers an incredible healing experience for our clients and their families that is second to none. Our team is comprised of individuals with years of experience who are all here for one reason. To help you realise, achieve, and maintain permanent long term recovery.

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