Our clients and their life changing experiences

"I now have the tools to face and enjoy life"

“It took me until the start of my 5th decade to realise I had a serious substance problem that I couldn’t fix on my own and my choices were narrowing fast.

I had just relapsed, after a period of clean time, with catastrophic consequences and realised while I had succeeded in business I was failing at life, failing my family, colleagues and in relationships.

Having exhausted all avenues including doctors, counsellors and psychiatrists, in desperation I reached out to Clarity.

I was expecting to detox from alcohol and other drugs and get some relief from addiction-related problems like declining physical health, constant financial turbulence, depression and anxiety. Instead, I got my life back.

The prospect of heading to a recovery facility was daunting and the decision wasn’t taken lightly. However, the team at Clarity from first contact and all through my challenging personal journey were consistently professional, motivated, knowledgeable and kind.

As I came to terms with the extent of my problem and how I could be helped I found unwavering support from medical, therapeutic, mental health, wellness, spiritual and fitness experts as part of this precision recovery program.

From learning about the brain-altering nature of addiction and how, through time sober and the practice of key skills for recovery, as well as being supported whilst attending my first meetings (the bedrock of getting clean and staying clean) I discovered not only how to beat my problem, but how to get on the path to true happiness.

The team don’t pull any punches but as you transition through the process and back into the real world you start to see the infinite possibilities open to you in your clean and sober new life.

While staying in a tranquil and comfortable resort in the lush Chiang Mai district, which offers both discretion and pleasant distraction, you are left free to concentrate on getting well and staying well.

I’m deeply grateful to Clarity and the dedicated staff for giving me and my family and friends not only my life back but opening a new and exciting chapter of my life. I now have the tools to face and enjoy life with all of its challenges and triumphs without needing substances to cushion the blows or amplify the good times.”

A Former Client- Hong Kong

"The Clarity programme introduced me to me."

“I came to Clarity voluntarily following my recognition of a developing alcohol abuse pattern. The Clarity programme taught me many strategies to cope with addiction. Furthermore, through the Clarity programme, i found personal enrichment from mindfulness and meditation. In a very real sense, I began to understand myself for the first time, and have grown in confidence. The Clarity programme introduced me to me.”

Michael- Australia

"A good healthy productive, new life without drink or drugs"

“A Brief Account of my experience pre, post and during my time at Clarity ;  

I had been living under the grips of addictive addiction for a way too long my life had become totally unmanageable as I was powerless to the ongoing misery a heroin & crack cocaine habit was having on my everyday life. 
I managed to do a detox before going to Clarity but from past experience I knew even though it seemed difficult at the time actually putting the drugs down was easier than living life on life’s terms without using numbing substances which masked a lot of the inner turmoil and stuff id brought from a dysfunctional and traumatic childhood , so considering I needed help unravelling a lot of issues that where behind and driving my addiction, i embarked on some research that lead me to Clarity , not only did the setting look amazing which by no means did disappoint , but also the programme and all its additions looked second to none other that I looked into.
I really wasn’t disappointed in any way the facility, food and accommodation really are 5 star.The psychologists, therapists, yoga teachers, holistic therapists, DBT staff and Muay Thai trainers and recovery coaches are all top class. 
I learned so much around stuff, like my deep-rooted core beliefs that had manifested into feelings of unworthiness, feeling less than and many fear-based emotions like anger, anxieties and resents but through the programme there , I learned to understand and let go a lot of these negatives that ultimately perpetuated my active addiction and was given insights ,skills and ways to cultivate a more wholesome future ,which invariably or hopefully will keep me from returning to active addiction and keep on this path of recovery I now feel I am on. 
I’ve been back in the UK a month now and know as long as I keep putting the effort in and stay close to a recovery community as a support network which really is integral in my opinion to keep from returning to old behaviours and patterns that could lead to relapse which again was very much encouraged whilst at Clarity, I then think I have a good chance of making a good healthy productive, new life without drink or drugs.
I and every other client that was at Clarity during my stay seemed more than happy with all that was on offer there, so my suggestion to anyone reading this that wants a new way of life is go for it, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed
SJA- United Kingdom

"It was an investment in myself"

“Going for treatment was a hard decision but it had to be done. It was an investment in myself, my health, and my future. I am glad I went to Clarity. The place is beautiful and serene which helped a lot especially with meditation, which I struggled at first. But with the staff, Recovery Coaches, and Counselors, all very kind and supportive, will help guide you in your recovery. All you have to do is do your part.”

Anonymous- Philippines

"The entire team connected with me on a very personal level"

Clarity has helped me through some of the most difficult issues I’ve struggled with in my life. From the moment I stepped in I was welcomed by staff that made me feel like I was home. Such an intimate and safe space to process some of the most difficult parts of myself. Worth every penny from their primary facility to their sober living facility. The entire team connected with me on a very personal level. My primary therapist showed a genuine care that was not monetarily driven. Their aftercare program is also thoughtful in that it aims at keeping clients connected to where they have always have a safe space to reach out. I have been able to dig deep and be more vulnerable than ever before through their program. I’ve been able to find my purpose and develop the tools to nurture it.
Saif - UAE