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Ketamine addiction rehabilitation

Ketamine, also widely known as ‘ket’, is a powerful anaesthetic and hallucinogenic drug that was designed to be used in hospital or veterinary settings, as a means of managing pain during human and animal operations. Ketamine typically comes in liquid form which can be injected, or as a white, grainy powder which can be snorted or swallowed as a tablet.

What is ketamine addiction?

Ketamine addiction is a serious condition that is characterised by an individual repeatedly consuming ketamine in a recreational manner, until they develop both a physical and psychological dependence on the drug.

Ketamine is highly addictive, mainly because of its strong painkilling properties, and this anaesthetic effect can often cause people to experience feelings of pleasure and tranquility. With regular use, individuals begin to develop a tolerance to Ketamine meaning that they need to take more and more of the drug and in higher doses, in order to experience the desired effects. This causes people to develop physical and psychological dependence on Ketamine, leading to a harmful Ketamine addiction.

In addition, Ketamine that is sold at clubs and parties may be mixed with other addictive drugs, such as Opiates and Benzodiazepines, thus exacerbating the Ketamine addiction and the danger associated with taking this drug.

At Clarity Ketamine Rehab, we understand that without specialist treatment for your Ketamine addiction, this condition has the potential to become increasingly worse over time and can have a profoundly negative impact on all areas of your life, including your work, hobbies, social life, and relationships.

Untreated Ketamine addiction may also lead to the development of alcohol addiction, amphetamine addiction and other drug and behavioural addictions, causing a whole host of additional problems.

However, it’s important to recognise that Ketamine addiction is treatable, and it’s possible for you make a full recovery. Our expert addiction doctors, psychologists, therapists and other professionals at Clarity are committed to delivering comprehensive Ketamine addiction treatment within our treatment center in Chiang Mai, in Northern Thailand.

At Clarity, our addictions experts recognise that acknowledging and seeking help for your Ketamine addiction can be a difficult step to take. That’s why all of our specialist addiction treatment hospitals offer a free initial addiction assessment with an experienced addictions psychologist, enabling you to discuss your ketamine addiction confidentially, and in a discreet and non-judgemental environment.

Our solution:
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We are also able to offer a comprehensive medically assisted withdrawal detoxification process onsite for your Ketamine addiction, if this is required. The purpose of this is to remove all traces of Ketamine from your body, whilst controlling withdrawal symptoms.  Detox involves:

Our treatment experts at Clarity have extensive experience in treating individuals who are addicted to Ketamine, and we are able to deliver a wide range of therapeutic techniques, empowering you to tackle your Ketamine addiction symptoms, address the underlying triggers for your addictive behaviours, and take steps towards a positive and addiction-free future.

Each individual who seeks Ketamine addiction support with us will benefit from an individually tailored treatment experience, which has been purpose-designed to meet your personal needs and requirements. This means that you will be placed at the centre of your treatment and rehabilitation journey and will be involved in decisions that are made about your care, in order to produce the most positive post-treatment outcomes.

The most crucial first step towards regaining control of your life is to seek support; contact Clarity today to start your journey towards a full and sustainable recovery.

Ketamine addiction rehab at Clarity

Ketamine addiction rehab takes place as part of Clarity’s comprehensive 3 Stage Addiction treatment programme. This consists of a residential stay at our bespoke rehab facility in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand where discretion is assured. Here you will be able to undergo a medically assisted withdrawal detoxification process if this is required, before commencing with an intensive programme of group and individual therapy. Twenty-eight days is the recommended treatment time for addictions, but the length of the addiction treatment that you receive at Clarity can be flexible according to your condition, requirements and commitments.

Our Ketamine addiction rehab consists of:

For more detailed information on Clarity’s high-quality Ketamine addiction treatment please contact us to arrange an assessment with one of Clarity’s specialist psychologists

What are the most common signs and symptoms of Ketamine addiction?

Ketamine addiction is associated with a whole host of symptoms that vary from person to person, as well as according to the amount of the drug that you are consuming and the frequency of your Ketamine use. However, the following are the most common signs and symptoms which could indicate that you or someone that you know is struggling with an addiction to Ketamine:

Our Ketamine addiction treatment consists of:

  • Finding that you have built a tolerance to the Ketamine, meaning that you need to consume increasing amounts of Ketamine and in increasingly higher doses, in order to experience the desired high
  • Experiencing a range of unpleasant withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking Ketamine
  • Intense cravings for Ketamine
  • Using Ketamine on a regular basis in your day-to-day life, not just when at a club or a party
  • Mixing Ketamine with other addictive drugs or seeking out new ways to consume this, in order to experience a better and longer high
  • Experiencing negative consequences as a result of your Ketamine abuse e.g. relationship breakdowns, poor performance at work, and money problems, but continuing to take Ketamine
  • Experiencing anxiety, paranoia, depression or suicidal thoughts as a result of taking Ketamine

What causes Ketamine Addiction to develop

Addictions develop as a result of a psychological process known as ‘positive reinforcement’. Positive reinforcement encourages a pattern of behaviour to form by offering a reward for that behaviour. In the context of Ketamine addiction, this drug typically causes individuals to experience ‘positive’ outcomes such as pleasure, euphoria, and a sense of tranquility, which increase the likelihood that they will seek out these feelings again by consuming Ketamine in a repeated manner. This continuous cycle of abuse can result in the development of a dangerous Ketamine addiction as opposed to ‘one-off’ behaviour.

As well as the impact of positive reinforcement, research suggests that drug addictions may also develop due to a combination of genetic and environmental factors.
Genetics – if you have a close relative who struggles with substance misuse, this may mean that you’re at greater risk for developing a similar problem. Also, early exposure to drug or alcohol abuse in the home might put you at increased risk too

Environment – environmental factors such as being surrounded by peers who engage in addictive behaviours may increase the chances of you becoming addicted to substances such as Ketamine. Also, experiencing stressful life events such as bereavement, or a traumatic event, have also been linked to the development of addictions

In addition to the above, some research suggests that you may have an increased susceptibility to developing an addiction to Ketamine if you are already struggling with an underlying mental health problem such as depression, anxiety or stress. This is because individuals may try to self-medicate with Ketamine as an attempt to control their symptoms, which can have a detrimental impact on their health and wellbeing over time.

Self-help tips for dealing with the initial stages of ketamine addiction

If you think that you have developed a problem with Ketamine addiction, it is essential that you seek professional help. Below are some additional tips that you can use to help you to cope with the initial stages of Ketamine addiction:

  • Admit that you have a problem with Ketamine misuse
  • Be honest with your friends and family about your problem with Ketamine – support from family and friends is very important in the rehabilitation and recovery process
  • Try to avoid temptations and negative influences

Accepting that the process of achieving abstinence from Ketamine will be challenging and preparing yourself to make some significant changes in your life are the first steps in overcoming Ketamine addiction. Call Clarity today to see how we can help you achieve lasting recovery from Ketamine addiction.


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