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Anxiety and Depression Counselling in a Luxurious Rehab Setting

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Researchers have long noted anxiety and depression are frequent among substance users, often precipitating addictive behaviour or resulting from it. But at Clarity our experience indicates the connection is more pronounced than many assume. Among those with a history of substance use in the past year, nearly half will report a co-occurring mental illness. That figure dwarfs the rate of mental illness among those without recent experience of substance use in the general population.
The reverse association proves strong as well, with a far higher rate of substance use among those with mental disorders. Such figures suggest the “self-medication” framework for understanding the progression of addiction. In this view, a substance use disorder arises as a response to underlying psychological distress, becoming a habitual solution to the pain of the mental illness. This is particularly borne out by the presence of trauma related disorders.

Mental health struggles by substance

If the connection between substance use and mental illness is quite evident in general terms, do certain substances correlate with co-occurring disorders more closely than others? At Clarity we believe they do.

In the case of many substances, more than half of users reported a mental illness as well. That link is particularly pronounced for methamphetamine (meth) users, of who over 57 percent report symptoms of a mental illness. Research demonstrates that extended meth use can cause psychotic episodes and more extended symptoms, in addition to exacerbating pre-existing disorders.

Users of opioids also experience high rates of mental illness, which relates to evidence that extended use of these drugs causes an increased risk of developing depression. Conversely, marijuana users had one of the lowest rates of mental illness among all substance users. This finding may encourage those who support the medicinal use of cannabis to treat a range of mental illnesses, including depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder.

Our mission: To provide you with long lasting recovery

At Clarity, we have a passion for helping people achieve long term recovery. Most of our team are in recovery themselves, so our drive is inspired by our own lived experience. Your recovery is our priority. 

A critical need for care

At Clarity we know that those with anxiety and depression disorders, are much more likely to say they did not know where to go for treatment or could not find a facility that offered the services they sought. They were also more frequently worried that seeking treatment would affect their employment. These fears may reflect a tragic reality: Mental illness and addiction is often harshly stigmatized in the workplace, despite legal protections against discrimination. At Clarity you are assured of confidental prestige treatment in our secluded facility in the mountains of Chiang Mai.

With or without co-occurring disorders, the most common cause for forgoing treatment for many is a lack of readiness to stop using. At Clarity we recognise the increased urgency to address addiction and co-occurring disorders. Tailored individualized treatment plans and robust psychological screening ensures that clients entering treatment receive the appropriate interventions for the disorders that they present with.

Our cognitive therapy treatment modules and daily stress management classes serve as the vanguard of treatments for clients with anxiety and depression. Combined with pharmacological prescribing by our physicians clients are able to achieve a greater degree of freedom from their debilitating symptoms. The natural beauty of Clarity affords clients the experience of lavish treatment in a stunning setting where they can access the most up to date treatments delivered by experts.


Why choose Clarity Rehab

Clarity offers an incredible healing experience for our clients and their families that is second to none. Our team is comprised of individuals with years of experience who are all here for one reason. To help you realise, achieve, and maintain permanent long term recovery.