Inpatient Treatment in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Primary Care with Clarity

Best in class residential treatment, in the heart of Northern Thailand.

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Primary Care

What is Primary Care? Primary care, or inpatient care, is the first stage of treatment that one receives when they enter a residential rehab. It is the stage where our clients learn about their addiction or detrimental behaviours and live with a likeminded community. Clarity is proud to offer one of the most comprehensive Primary care services in South East Asia. Our residential program is second to none and our programs treat a range of different illnesses and disorders. Nestled away in the mountainous region of Mae On, east of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand, our centre boasts state of the art facilities and provides an amazing environment for our clients to recover. Our Primary care programs start at 28 days, up until 3 months or more depending on the clients needs. Our unique programs are designed to treat our clients individually and prepare them for life beyond treatment. Learn more about our programs here.

Why Choose Clarity

Safe and Secure

Our centre is secluded, and safe, giving our clients peace of mind.

Cost Effective

Western quality treatment for a faction of the price.

Treatment in Luxury

Our 5 star facility is second to none.

Paradise Destination

Come and see why Northern Thailand holds its’ amazing reputation

Genuine care provided by genuine people.

A Treatment Centre That Truly Cares

Clarity is built on the desire to help people. Our team, despite each being unique and amazing in their own way, all share this common purpose. Our clients recovery is our first priority, always.

Treatment that works.

At Clarity, we believe in long term recovery, for anyone. Our programs are our best reflections of this. Our anxiety treatment program is specifically designed to give our clients long term recovery from anxiety, and to help our clients move forward into a new way of living. Find out more today

Our Facility

Our awe inspiring facility is specifically designed to promote focus, relaxation, and recovery. Located just east of Chiang Mai in the mountainous geothermal region of Mae on, our centre is a little piece of paradise.  Learn more about our facility here.

Tailored Programs

Our treatment programs are designed for the individual.

Quality Care

Our team has a passion for helping.

24hr Onsite Care

Our team is here for you, 24/7.

Simple Admission

No lengthy admission process here.

So Whats the Next Step?

Getting Into the Solution

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction or detrimental behaviours, contact us today, our team is available 24/7 and here to help you find a new way of life.

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