More than individual counseling because it’s a full team and holistic programme for you

Online Program

No matter if you are struggling with mental health, addiction, or just want a change for the better, we can deliver a supportive team structure from multiple departments.

Holistic Program

Evidence, as well as our lived experience, tells us that a treatment programme designed around your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs can achieve long lasting results.


We know life can be hard and schedules can be very busy, but our experts create a development plan that accommodates all of that with what you need.

 This is why our online programme is personalised to each client, providing them with the tools and strategies to manage their own, often complex, circumstances.

What Next

The next step is to fill out our online form so that our admissions team can reach out to you and help you with any questions. We will then set up a free consultation for you with one of our top clinicians so that we will be able to tailor the right care needed for you.

their character because the 12 steps advocate a complete and total psychic change. Integrating the philosophy of the 12 steps helps our patients connect with a global network of other people in recovery.